Students sitting at tables as Joselyn Schultz Lewis speaks at the front of the room


With Dr. Galen Buckwalter PhD, CEO of psyML


Mickey Bergman, Vice President of the Richardson Center for Global Engagement,

presented in cooperation with NEON ID

In preparation for careers in leadership and negotiations, human connections, empathy and emotional intelligence (EQ) are critical, yet often neglected or ignored. Beyond the substance of each negotiation topic or leadership challenge there is a fundamental need to recognize and understand personalities and emotions in self and others, and the ability to use this awareness to manage one’s behavior and relationships. This clinic will dive into the measurement and applications of personality and EQ both on individual and social levels.

When: Part I, November 6, 1:00 pm-4:00 pm; Part II, November 20, 1:00 pm-4:00 pm (ET)

Where: Online Offering

Applications due Monday, October 26 at 5 pm.


About the Facilitators


Dr. Galen Buckwalter has been a research psychologist for over 25 years, starting in academia where he worked primarily on the effects of hormones on cognition during pregnancy and aging at USC.


Later, he started a behavioral outcomes research program at Kaiser Permanente before becoming the creator of the assessment and matching system for eHarmony.

Since then, Galen has worked in both academia and industry, including research at USC using VR to develop a resilience training program for Marines and a stint  as Chief Science Officer at Payoff, a financial services company focused on using psychology to eliminate consumer debt. He now leads psyML (psychology+machine learning), a research group that helps companies scale human empathy through neuroscience and psychometrics. He is also the Chief Science Officer for NEON ID, a data independence platform powered by emotional intelligence.


With nearly 15 years in various aspects of strategic diplomacy, Mickey Bergman coined the term Fringe Diplomacy to describe the new field he is forging, an innovative discipline exploring the space in international relations just beyond the boundaries of States and Governments’ capacity and authority. He is an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown’s Walsh School of Foreign Service.

He manages relationships and private diplomacy efforts in North Korea, Cuba, Myanmar, Venezuela, Middle East, and Africa. Nominated for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize, alongside Former Governor Bill Richardson; Mickey has led his team at the Richardson Center to facilitate the release of more political prisoners than any other organization. Mickey creates new political capital by leading Professional Exchange Programs to frontier countries such as North Korea, Myanmar, Cuba, Lebanon, and others.